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Family Law

Family Law Donegal

D.P. Barry & Co. Solicitors provide Expert Family Law Advice

Family Law

We provide expert legal advice in the area of Family Law with vast experience in District Court, Circuit Court and High Court proceedings. Your case will be dealt with sensitively and in absolute privacy. We offer advice on issues such as marriage breakdown, legal and Judicial separation, divorce, domestic violence, nullity, childcare, custody, guardianship, visitation rights, maintenance, financial, property and life policy and pension adjustment orders.

We engage a panel of highly-skilled Barristers who specialise in the area of Family Law and who are readily available to assist and advise you in relation to issues for the;

District Court
Circuit Court
High Court

District Court:

  • Maintenance
  • Access, Guardianship & Custody
  • Appeals of District Court Orders
  • Domestic Violence: Safety Orders, Barring Orders and Protection Orders
Circuit Court:
  • Legal Separation Agreement / Judicial Separation
  • Divorce
  • Marriage Nullity
  • Life Policy and Pension Adjustment Orders
High Court:
  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation / Judicial Separation
  • Marriage Nullity
  • Life Policy and Pension Adjustment Orders

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