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If you are buying or selling property, it can turn into a frustrating exercise when you think you have done all the hard work and agreed the deal only to find that it can take so long to actually complete the deal which ultimately turns what should be a very positive experience into an ordeal or worse still the deal does not complete. The average time at present in Ireland after you find a house or a buyer is 22 weeks!!! *

We feel very strongly that it does not have to be like this and we provide a PPP to ensure that you are ready to buy or sell and know of any difficulties before you decide to buy or sell which will allow you to enter the deal with clear and easy to follow roadmap and timeframe with emphasis on quality, technology, transparency and most importantly good old fashioned customer service.

The cost of the service is €300 vat included and if you complete the deal this fee will be taken off your fee if you wish us to complete the deal with us which you do not have to. If you are buying a house and wish to use our PPP and there is a reason why the property will not work for you we will complete as many PPP’s as it takes until you find the property that suits your needs. There is absolutely no obligation to complete the deal with us.

We enjoy being solicitors which is in our view a privileged position to try and solve certain problems you may have but we don’t like talking to you like solicitors and we go to great lengths to very simply set out what we do, what you need to do and what the costs are at the very start and if you think we can help then great and we will do everything we possibly can to solve your problem and if at all possible make that process enjoyable.

There is now a huge amount of preparation needed to sell or buy a property and SOME of these examples include: Energy Certificates, Registration of Septic Tanks, 3 (yes 3!) Property Charges, Water Charges, ensuring the services (ie water, road, sewer) are correctly registered with the national property registry, Boundary Discrepancies, Irish tax numbers needed even if you live outside of Ireland and the red tape goes on and on.

Our PPP reviews and helps you deal with all of these and much more to try and ensure you are fully prepared to sell or buy the property and give you clarity together with a realistic and achievable timeframe that aims to assist ALL parties in the process because we believe it is in everyone’s interest to do so and the most of the unnecessary delays are avoidable with good advice and forward planning.  We will work where necessary with your auctioneer, accountant and architect/engineer  as part of the PPP. The process is a simple, straightforward 3 step process.

* Law Society Survey 

Property Preparation Package




3 Steps to receive your very own Property Preparation Package

1) Submit the Form

Fill out in detail and submit the PPP form on this page to us.

2) We Will Contact You

We will contact you to confirm details and arrange Payment.

3) Your PPP Complete

We will complete the Property Preparation Package on your behalf.

Order your Property Preparation Package with DP Barry & Co.